Monday, August 19, 2013

you're just like your mother.

from the day austin was born I have been told how much like Travis he is.  He looks like him, thinks like him, acts like him ... does everything justlikehim.  right, we get it, he's his father's child.  i get it.  say it again and see what happens.

at a family reunion in nowhere'sville, iowa I was watching my kids play on the park ...for the record, I was also watching my nieces and most of the family's kids ages 7 and under because, well, they weren't and I was trying to make sure no one kidnapped anyone.  i had some sweet scenarios playing out in my head, by the way, of how i would stop the would be assailant.  more to come on that.

This 6ish year old boy walks up to my three boys, who were playing with their two soccer balls and yanks one out of my 7 year old's hands.  I'm sitting across the grassy area in a park bench, watching - waiting for his mother to jump up and intervene and no woman appears - of course she doesn't, why would she?  so austin tells the boy what he's playing and the boy starts yelling that he's not playing that game....he's playing his own game.  austin tells him that it's not the parks ball - it's his ball and he doesn't want to share with him.  still no mother?  seriously?  i mean, i'm about to get all east side on this kid because his parents aren't stepping forward and i'm not a fan of the fact that he's acting like a douche in front of my younger boys, who are watching austin to see how he handles it.

austin looks up, makes eye contact with me, looks at the kid, snatches the ball out of his hand and tells him he can find someone else to play with because, "WE dont want to play with you."  and follows with "this is my ball,  these are my brothers, and that is my mom if you don't like it."  white trash mother enters, stage left.  charging up on the group of boys like she has someone's honor to avenge (to be clear, she couldn't spell honor, and IF she could spell avenge, it's only because her kid made her buy every avengers figurine that the wal-mart had...) halfway drags her little boy off, telling him SOME kids aren't nice and he shouldn't WANT to play with boys who aren't nice.  austin looks up at me and shrugs - i crack up laughing.  

crazy mothers - funny.

the next round of him being like me was in the car on the way home - i am an incessant about flipping through radio stations.  you know how your husband flips through tv channels?  and you're thinking "JUST LEAVE IT!  PICK SOMETHING before I stab you with the closest object that will penetrate flesh!!!"  right - that's me with the radio.  I flip, sing, commercial, flip, flip, flip, sing, commercial, scan, flip, flip, scan, sing -  i'm awful.  truthfully, i'm not sure how my husband can tolerate it.  my not-always-so-sweet seven year old has inherited these traits and is executing them perfectly.  he sings right with me to every song on the radio (my brio magazine upbringing tells me to proceed with caution, my desire to listen to country music says brio sucks, that she's probably still pretending to be a virgin and that i should listen to whatever i want, because serial killers are rarely wearing cowboy hats in their mug shots...).  i hope to record/video tape him singing cruise by florida georgia line soon ... because it's adorable. 

i love him.  even if i the only indication i have that he is mine are his blue eyes, big attitude, and incessant flipping/singing every lyric that he does know and making up the ones he doesn't.  i got the important things.

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