Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Twenty Ten Baby

Once upon a time I was pregnant and was drinking 100 ounces of water to keep my blood pressure low so i didn't have to have a baby earlier than i wanted to.  I had a doctors appointment on Wed the 18th, was told by the doctor to stay home the 19th because he wanted to recheck my levels the next day once I had rested...went in on the 19th and they redrew labs.  I figured the next step was bed rest, I didn't figure a baby.

I got The Osborn Call that evening when my labs came back, telling me that while my blood pressure and swelling were amazing, my platelets were not.  damn.  surgery the next day.  I remember asking him if it was too early.  I was only 35 weeks pregnant.  he said we'd just have to see.

The next morning, my 7 pound, 15.4 ounce baby was born via csection.

I loved my OB - he was great - after months of promising me that he would get me some valium to calm me down before the spinal - he laughed, said I was fine and that he must have lied to me, but that i'm here and i'm doing great so we're going to keep going.  WHAT?!!?  The ONLY reason I was fine was because I was supposed to have SOME type of anti anxiety medication and I got a the dr who I had seen through three high risk pregnancies and 8 years of exams is laughing at me.  I was floored.  All in all, he was right, I was fine. 

A few hours after he was born I noticed that he was grunting - like a little piggy - I mentioned it to the nurse and she said she would check his oxygen levels.  Turns out grunting in infants is a sign of respiratory distress....they moved him to the NICU before anyone met him. 

I had to fight tooth and nail to do things that I knew as a mother to do - breastfeed, hold him, see him.  And made the swift decision that no one was meeting him until my older boys had.  (Have I ever told you how good I am at making waves??)  Grandma's and Grandpa's were irate, friends were bummed and I was clenching to this one.last.thing. that it felt I was in control over. 

Two days later he was discharged back to the "regular" nursery because my pediatrician is amazing.  my business partner and budding best friend came later that evening to visit and to tell me that she quit her job with the wicked witch of the west via text...it was probably the best evening in the hospital i've ever had :)

About Aaron:

~ he could not have been an Ace or Apollo
~ he is the baby of the family, however is afraid of no one.  brothers be dammed.
~ he will tell on you, even if you think he wont
~ he loves tractors, fast cars, helicopters and every sport possible
~ he loves rollerblades and will tell you all about how he is going to pway bwasebawl soon
~ he loves water, swimming, sprinklers and playing in daycare's drinking fountain
~ he loves food, but generally refuses to sit still during a meal
~ he bites - a lot.
~ he is EXTREMELY ticklish
~ he is EXTREMELY tall and SO thin
~ he has EXTREMELY large feet
~ he rarely will poop in the potty (though he's pretty perfect with pee!)
~ he loves his binky - still.  AND his daddy has decided that he's done with it today.  (mean ol' daddy)

You are indecisive but can be persuaded with logic and reason most of the time.  you don't respond to someone yelling/hollering at you, this makes you shut down.  you are the biggest helper when it comes to cleaning and picking up - you are always insisting that SOMEONE let you help in SOME way...

Aaron, you have your mother's infectious laugh and your fathers sense of adventure.  My predictions about you:  saying goodbye to the binky will be REALLY hard for you.  you will be my tallest child.  you will be trouble for us, you aren't afraid of ANYTHING.  I cannot remember a time when you weren't in our lives.  We love you SO much and are SO happy that we decided to have just one more baby :)  As soon as you were born I felt whole, I felt complete...my soul needed you and I'm so happy that I have you.

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  1. Dear Twenty Ten baby,
    It is my job, as the keeper of all the secrets, to share what your mama didn't tell you... When she found out she was pregnant, we were all a little worried, after a beta test that "you" were "they" (looking back, there is a funny sense of irony there) We teased your mommy over and over that we were going to name her new babies after pharmaceutical drugs. We named the beings in her body Amoxacillin and Augmentin (Mox and Auggie) because they had to start with an "a" and we knew their middle name since your mom doesn't have much for imagination. When she saw your lone little gummy bear self on the u/s we decided that the only logical explanation is that You (Auggie) must have eaten Mox.
    She also didn't tell you was that she had planned for all of us to come over the Friday you were born for a bbq. She called me after she got the Osborn call. She was worried, but she handled it like a champ, in true Hollie Hardass fashion. Your mama, Aaron, is one of the toughest people I know, and I am so thankful that she is my best friend.