Tuesday, July 23, 2013

9 week WW update

I can't believe it's been 9 weeks since I've been on weight watchers....i know i haven't updated much about it, just seemed like there was no reason to because ...wellll, there were funnier stories about children pooping in various places...

i know, i know - i can laugh about it now....

ok, so in total, I have lost 23 pounds and, depending on the brand, 2 pant sizes or is it considered 4...i'm not sure how to say that....here are things i've learned:

1)  i'm probably close to have to start exercising - i just hate doing that because it always makes me hungrier and i feel famished and then my head justifies that i can eat way more than i should.

2)  i dont eat the extra points.  the math doesn't work in my head.  i dont understand how that could work -- i mean, if the key is weight loss, how is it "sorta" ok to cheat?  i kinda feel like they are there to show you that you overate when you are perplexed about why you didn't lose weight - but that is JUST because anytime I go over on my points and dip into my extra points I don't lose more than half a pound....and generally, i gain. 

3)  i gain weight with my cycle.  i've managed to have 2 periods and both times I have gained.  thanks water weight. 

4)  there are definitely haters out there.  wanna hear who the biggest haters are???  my parents.  they are CONSTANTLY trying to make me feel shitty about declining a food or drink.  it's exhausting.  not only that, but when i was at like 19 pounds down, i got a snarky comment about how it's just a drop in the bucket and how its easy to lose weight when you're starving.  confuse me?! 

the funny part is that it's BECAUSE of my dad's health and mine being SO close, SO similar that i decided to do this.  make changes.  pay attention.  be a grown up and stop feeling sorry for myself and looking for a magic get skinny quick plan.  and THEY are the ones who get shisty when it comes to me doing this "diet" ... i dont seek approval or input from my family on anything...and anyone who has known me for longer than ten minutes knows why.  but seriously, why can't people just think before they speak?

either way, i'm excited that this is going so well!  thrilled actually!!  I am looking forward to continued success!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


i'm a pretty literal person.  i tend to see things for face value in most situations and i appreciate my ability to be able to call bullshit when i see it or see through people when they are holding back.  it's hard to ignore.  tends to feel like a superpower sometimes. 

its probably how pretty people feel, or smart people, or rich people - <insert snarky voice here> must be SO awful to be gorgeous, or highly intelligent, or have a ton of money...

when i find that it REALLY sucks is when the LOML (love of my life - just made that up - just now) is in a mood.  i wouldn't say that he is in a "mood" more often than me, I would simply say his moods last longer than mine.  days longer.

this was the phone call i got last night:

H:  schweaty balls!!
T:   what do you want for dinner.
H:  ummmm, i dont know, i'm open for anything?  you wanna grill?
T:   everything's frozen (keep in mind he sounds like he just watched someone kick his dog to death...)
H:   okay ... well ... i'm finishing up here and i'll be home...
T:   well - so - nothing? or?  you don't want me to start anything? no suggestions?
H:  not really - but i can think about it

let me mention that it was at 4:40 at night.  he had been home since 4:15 i guess.  i say "i guess" because he no longer comes to say he's heading home for the night, which, whatever.  doesn't actually bother me as much as you're probably thinking it does based on the fact that i'm mentioning it, but is just something i'm throwing out there.

so i'm thinking that he's probably just fed up with the kids or trying to get stuff done and that's why he's on edge.  i grab the 4 newly purchased laundry baskets and fruit - lots of fruit (grapes, kiwi, strawberries, bananas and a pineapple) plus two new backpacks and head toward the house. 

i very effortlessly (ha.) position the hampers filled with backpacks and fruit against the house while i'm opening the door, halfway drop the baskets and almost dump thirty dollars worth of fruit onto the sexy blue laminate flooring that greets me as i walk into my house.

he's sitting on the chair in the front room watching me.  no, no, just sit there.  don't get up.  i'm good over here.  i went from being convinced that i could turn his night around to wanting to freak out on the next person to talk to me. 

lucky for him the next person was aaron.

there aren't a lot of people who have the ability to affect my mood.  but i'll tell you - he does.  he can make or break my day in a stupid way.  drives me nuts.

my point in my superpowers is that i'll ask him what's wrong and i get a look with a sigh followed by a nothing.  nothing.  nothing?  seriously?  i doubt it.  something has obviously flipped your switch in some way - but you'll tell me you're tired and i'll sigh and we'll get in a fight because i'll push you to tell me what's going on when in reality there is nothing going on and i'm just being a girl, which that doesn't happen very often.

so regardless, whatever the underlying reason is - because, dear friends, there is an underlying reason. - i will let it go <this time> and hope that your "tired" wears off after you slept ...but it won't because that's how we roll.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

He WHAT?!?!

on sunday, Trav's phone rang, i'm not sure what the ringtone is, but it's loud and obnoxious...I suppose that helps him to answer it rather than just letting it ring.  I was on the couch, assuming a typical Sunday position, and he started talking to the caller.

It's normally one of like four people - Josh (who was at our house, so it wasn't him), his parents (who we had just spent like three days with, so I was assuming it wasn't them), a client (those calls are always really short) or a solicitor (also a short call).  So he's listening and I'm wondering what's going on.

My boys have this special ability to show up anytime anyone is on a phone call and be disruptive.  So they walk into the living room, just about to open their mouths and bug their dad when he moves his phone away from his mouth and yells, "YOU TOOK A SHIT IN YOUR GRANDMOTHERS TRASH CAN!?!?!??!"

Both boys mouths open, jaws dropped, no words are formed, no objections made.  Eventually Aden manages to point to Austin, where Austin frantically exclaims, "Aden told me to!  He said it would be funny!"

Funny!?  I feel like we have very different definitions of funny.

I had a flash of that stupid Christmas Movie where the mother gets the phone call that Ralphie used the F word.  That she freaks out, comes unglued and stuffs a bar of soap in his mouth.

I sat on the couch, blinking.  Stunned.  They literally took a shit in their grandmother's trash can.  I managed to raise my arm to indicate they needed to go to their bedrooms and utter a, "now."

Two hours later they came back down, asking if they could be done upstairs and I asked them if they knew what they had done wrong.  They started laughing and giggling and couldn't hold a straight face so I sent them back upstairs.  This process repeated for a large portion of the afternoon/evening.  Eventually, they returned with faces that looked like remorse....might have just been defeat from being confined to their respective four walls, and two windows for the preceding 5 hours.  Either way.  They knew it was wrong, they knew it was gross.

The next day, Aden mentioned that his friends got to go to his Grandma's house for a WHOLE WEEK in the summer and Austin piped up, asking why they don't get to go to THEIR Grandma's house for a whole week...my reply was that Sam & Cam probably don't poop in their Grandmother's trash cans for fun.


So WHY am I sharing this with you?  Because some day, this will be a funny story and I will want to remember it.

Evidently my MIL was telling hubby that SHE didn't want to call, that SHE didn't even think it was that big of a deal but that FIL thought it was something we should know.  You're damn right we should!!!!!  I realize that they love our boys no matter what stunt they pull, and so do I - but there is NO WAY they were going to get away with THAT.  I was grateful that she called.  Grossed out.  Embarrassed as HELL.  But Glad.