Monday, May 12, 2014

once upon a time i had a blog

i feel guilty for taking up this space and never using it.  some would say i should just go ahead and use it then - her name is sabrina and she doesn't blog right now either.

mothers day was yesterday and since i have three boys it's basically like christmas in may ... ok maybe not that cool but i did capitalize on the opportunity to tell my kids that they can't fight/argue/punch each other in the throats because it's SUCH a sacred holiday. 

sometimes when i'm blogging a stupid song comes on spotify and i lose all inspiration.  pretty rude, spotify. pre. tty. rude.

my children don't sleep.  and I know, someone is going try to give me advice and you should save it because all I'm going to give you is a middle finger.  so friday i had a direct sales party and they stayed up until 10 and all three were up by 7 the next morning.  i opted out of napping them because i was going to convince their sweet, little bodies that they are so tired they MUST sleep past 7am.  saturday night they stayed up until just after 9 and we ran them like little work horses.  like, legit, their dad cut down two bushes that were as tall as trees, a tree that was convinced it was destined to be bush and then trimmed the weeping monster and they hauled the brush from all of them.  i helped, but not very much because I was already tired (they never let me sleep) and I know how to sleep in (not that i'm ever afforded the opportunity).  sunday morning i woke up first, at about 615 and decided to get up because i would have a nice quiet time all to myself.  i poured a glass of orange juice and grabbed my bible for the first time in years and when i rounded the corner, the middle one was up.  seriously!?  he snuggles up and turns on netflix on an old smart phone that we have.  10 minutes later the eldest comes down.  grabs his tablet and curls up under a blanket.  an hour later the baby and his dad came down - still all up by 715. 

all three boys play hockey and their dad coaches 66% of them each week.  he's a good guy, i plan to keep him around as long as he'll have me.  i am not normally a crazy hockey mom screaming at my kids each week - this week was an exception.  this week they didn't even try.  my middle camped out by the goal just in case the other team managed to get the puck down there, then he would be ready.  what?!  the eldest had big plans to glide his way to success and i was pissed.  everyone else is actually skating their tails off and my son is standing straight up, holding a stick.  are you kidding!?  i was pissed.  the three year old was more involved in the game than the 6 and 8 year old.  i was hot.

I was also pretty pissed because of people that show up and have no plans to watch the game.  if you are going to take the time to come to a game, don't stand directly behind me and talk about things that have nothing to do with the play happening in front of you.  and if you are my family or friends that i invited to watch my kids play, plan on me not actually talking to you during the game.  i will talk to you before the game starts, when my kid is on the bench and when the game is over.  i will get excited when my kid makes a great play, i will be constantly yelling at him (i say him because really, it's all of them) to get down the rink to help his team, get his stick down and take the puck away.  they always forget that part and it makes me crazy.  i will not apologize to you for not holding up my end of the conversation.  i am here for my kids.  90% of the time i wont even have my phone out because they are not on my phone...they are directly in front of me...playing pee-wee hockey for the next 30 minutes they get my attention.  not you. 

the weekend was way too short and is over and all i can think about is how i yelled at my kids in the car because they weren't even trying.  i could care less if they win or lose, but at least try.  then, for fun, mother nature decided to throw a giant storm our way just to drive home the fact that no one will be sleeping.  at all.

the world wonders why i'm stabby?  seriously.  don't wonder.  there isn't a magic formula.

oh.  the bible.  right.  i chose to read a devotion about change.  there are major changes about to happen at work and i was looking for some encouragement.  i ended up reading about god giving the new covenant - new rules, new game plan.  still the same premise as before, same objective (worship, love god, get others to love god too) but new plays.  i did find encouragement but am not oblivious to the fact that change is hard, change takes work and change almost always means you'll piss someone off.  i am certain that these changes will piss enough people off that we will lose some - i'm just hoping it'll make us more efficient, trim some fat and find ourselves more lean. *swallows hard* this plan is flawless.

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